Facebook + Twitter = 1 Mega Social Media Tool

Social Hybrids: 1 Mega Social Media Tool
By Krystl Johnson
krystl.conversations@gmail.com || @courageousconv

Twitter and Facebook are the world’s leading sources of information. It surpasses one way media channels like newspapers, radio, and television because it allows departments to obtain and spread information. However, there’s an ongoing debate as to which social media tool is better and which tool is the best for social media outreach. These kinds of questions make me laugh because I can almost always picture the little girl from the Taco Commercial saying: “Why not both?”

When it comes to using Twitter and Facebook, there are areas where each tool falls short deeming neither tool sufficient when used alone. So it kind of makes me wonder, why not use both Twitter and Facebook to make 1 Mega Public Relations Tool? Below is a scale that shows how Twitter and Facebook measure up  and shares its equal weight when it comes to online engagement and community resourcing. (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE)


Click here for Tips to Creating 1 Mega PR Specialist. Check out our Workshop Page for information about incorparating technology in your departmental operation through our Today Not Tomorrow Series.

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